ND Biosciences

ND-BioSciences Announces partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for parkinson's research to make available unique synuclein proteoforms to the scientific community

Given ND Biosciences commitment to deploy its expertise, technical capabilities and integrated platforms to accelerate the discovery and validation of novel targets and therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases, ND Biosciences has embarked on a strategic partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) to make available a limited set of its unique proteoforms to members of the scientific community.


This partnership follows ND Biosciences’ successful completion of a project that was supported by MJFF, through which ND Biosciences developed, characterized and validated protein standards that would enable accurate assessment of the levels of α-Syn oligomers in biological samples.


Through this new distribution partnership, ND Biosciences’ will make available well-characterized preparations of α-Syn oligomers and α-Syn monomer controls, to non- and for-profit entities for their own R&D purposes. These unique protein tools provide a wide-range of discovery and translational research applications, including for structural biology research, protein-protein interactions, target validation studies, high-throughput assay screening, biomarker discovery, assay development and diagnostics.


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