ND Biosciences

Our pipelines

Our Therapeutic Discovery Program and Pipelines

Our unique ability to reproduce the pathological targets and processes implicated in NDs has allowed ND Biosciences to develop an integrated preclinical drug discovery program with unprecedented translational potential. We have strategically centered our drug discovery pipeline on the development of therapeutics that capture the biochemical and structural diversity of pathology in NDs, and that can thus interfere with processes related to different stages of disease pathology.

Currently, we have three therapeutic programs focused on Parkinson’s disease that are at early discovery and POC phase. These pipelines are centered on the inhibition of α-Syn spreading and seeding, the promotion of clearance of pathologic α-Syn species, and native-state stabilization of physiological α-Syn proteoforms. As we proceed with this first set of programs, ND Biosciences will continue to utilize its proprietary R&D discovery platforms to identify and validate new targets and therapeutic molecules, thereby developing additional programs, and expanding into more indications.

Our Biomarker Discovery Program and Pipelines

To complement our drug discovery programs, ND Biosciences is also developing novel companion diagnostics for NDs. These remain critically needed not only for early diagnosis and early intervention, but also to monitor disease progression and test the new therapies developed by ND Biosciences. Recent studies carried out by ND Biosciences (supported by the Micheal J Fox foundation) have shown that none of the currently available immuno-assays capture the diversity of different proteoforms of α-Syn, the key protein implicated in the pathogenesis of PD, and therefore do not allow for accurate quantification of α-Syn levels. We believe that the limited characterization of the antibodies used and limited understanding of the ability of deployed antibodies to capture the diversity of α-Syn from the get-go is a key reason for the observed discrepancies with these assays.

At ND Biosciences, we deploy our powerful protein engineering platform to setup a systematic and thorough antibody profiling pipeline, which allows developing novel, sensitive and accurate immuno-assays that capture the diversity of the target proteins, and enable absolute or ratiometric quantification of biomarkers in biological fluids of PD patients. Moreover, we are initiating a program to develop imaging agents (PET Tracers) that capture the diversity of pathological species in brains of AD patients.